Velvet yoga pants are popping up everywhere! Both functional and stylish, velvet adds a vintage touch to your personality. 

But, is velvet activewear really comfortable? How should you wear the fabric to make the most out of it? In this post, we are going to answer these questions.

Let’s begin:

If you’re a kid in the ’90s, who participated in gymnastics or dance, wearing velvet might be a common scenario. The ’90s’ fancy fabric, like most other vintage fashions, is resurfacing now.

Above all, the versatility and texture of the material make it a perfect upgrade to your athleisure look. Also, it pairs well with sportswear accessories like an aromatherapy necklace or your fitness watches.

Ways to Wear Velvet Yoga Pants

Like many other peers, velvet is also not commendable for everyone. Everyone has a unique level of love for the fabric. Based on that, here are the ways you can pull off this soft fabric:

#Velvet Accents

Velvet accents in your activewear are great if you are after longevity. In this way, you can pull off the trend without compromising with your other preferences.

The trend is playing out well in workout clothes, thanks to the fabric’s wearability and practicality.

Note that velvet accents are vulnerable to abrasion and damage. So, be careful when you are going velvet in your clothing.

#Velvet Layers

Are you looking for a more updated and refined version of velvet of the 00’s era tracksuit? If so, try out velvet layers!

If you want velvet, only for your athleisure look or to warmups, but not for entire workout sessions, layering can be a great way to go.

Stay fancy, feel comfy!

#Ideal for Low-Impact Activities

Undeniably, velvet may show abrasions and wear quickly, based on the activity you perform wearing them. Thus, it’s great for either comfy and casual wear, or low-impact abrasive-surface-free workouts.

But, you will love the soft and sculpting look they provide. It provides a nice grip and wards off slipping while doing certain skills.

The Good News!

Moreover, like other traditional peers and more technical fabrics, all-velvet yoga pants may lack sweat-wicking properties.

Fortunately, top sportswear brands like Beyond Yoga and Alala have come up with major upgrades to the material.

Meticulous fabrication using the advanced technology and procedures makes it much better than it was in the ’90s. What’s more, velvet now boasts sweat-wicking properties up to a comfortable level. If sweat is the problem, you can consider aromatherpy pens.

Activewear brands are pushing boundaries to make their clothing as stylish and comfortable as possible.

They are now making it summer-friendly as well.  Today, velvet has a four-way stretch. It can breathe, making it an excellent fabric for yoga pants and other workout clothing.

Final Words

For a comfortable, everyday look, you can pair your velvet yoga pants with your crop-top, zip-up hoodie, a graphic tee, or anything you like. Mixing fabric will create an irresistibly pleasant texture to your look.

Wear it in a street style, or simply for your fitness studio, the velvet trend looks sophistications, especially as temps dip. Also, the ’90s-nostalgic fabric could give your look a whole new meaning, too.

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