TREET 100mg CBD Vape Cartridge – Acai Bowl


The TREET 100mg CBD Vape cartridge provides you your daily dose of CBD in a compact, high quality cartridge. 

  • Small but powerful.
  • Made using an industry-leading ceramic coil, smoothly finished wooden tip and strengthened glass.
  • 100mg of pure CBD Isolate in an all-natural formulation
  • Our CBD infused Acai, Blueberry, and Pomegranate flavour, reminiscent of the healthy breakfast treat.
  • All-Natural flavouring

Acai Bowl – 100mg CBD Cartridge by TREET

Taste rich blueberry, tart Pomegranate, and creamy, nutty acai all at once. Our CBD infused flavour, reminiscent of the healthy breakfast treat, is tantalizingly tasty and still delivers all the benefits of CBD in one easy to use disposable 100mg* CBD vape pen.

The Acai Bowl CBD Cartridge is specially designed for TREET CBD Vape Kit  This pre-filled cartridge features a refined blend of mint extracts with sweet and subtle undertones for a refreshing all-day CBD vape.

This cartridge contains our expertly-blended CBD vape e-liquid, infused with 99%+ pure CBD isolate which has been effectively isolated from the rest of the hemp/cannabis plant and is THC free.  Allowing you to enjoy our products safe in the knowledge that their use will not lead to the psychoactive effects associated with THC.

Simple to use…just screw the cartridge to your TREET CBD Pen and start vaping!

Each TREET CBD Vape Cartridge contains 100mg of CBD delivering up to 400 puffs.


  • 0.5ml Cartridge with 100 mg of CBD (10% = 100mg/ml
  • World famous flavours based on terpenes
  • Third party lab tested and certified concentrations
  • Made in the UK
  • Guaranteed without THC
  • USP / food grade ingredients
  • Diacetyl free and quality controlled

Ingredients: Vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, natural flavouring, CBD.