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CBD Tea and Coffee

Brew the true, refreshing taste of CBD

Tea and coffee have been the biggest part of our lives for centuries now. Every adult needs a cup of tea or coffee to function throughout the day. We have all become caffeine addicts because of our fast-paced lifestyles. 

Just like too much of everything is bad in the long run, so is your tea and coffee. It helps us improve our brain activity by blocking signals of our neurotransmitter. This results in the release of neurons like dopamine, which elevates our moods while activating the body. 

The tea and coffee industry happens to be vast with ever-growing potential. This led to the introduction of CBD-infused tea and coffee to give customers dual benefits, i.e. caffeine and CBD. 

Why CBD Tea and Coffee?

CBD infused with any product tends to give you a calming and relaxing effect. As we all know that too much of anything is bad for health; the same goes for these caffeine riched products. But, what if we told you that CBD-infused caffeine products reduce those effects?

Yes, you heard it right. CBD reduces the bad effects that coffee tends to have on our bodies. Also, CBD infused coffee provides the same amount of alertness as normal coffee but minimizes the jitters. It helps with anxiety and increases the overall productivity of the body.

It does not matter if you are a CBD user. But if you happen to be a coffee lover, we would suggest you try this once in your lifetime. It is time for you to bring a change to your normal coffee, and you never know, the results might surprise you!

Benefits of CBD Tea and Coffee

CBD-infused Tea and Coffee come loaded with benefits:

Taste: CBD oil has an intense earthy flavor, which is not really enjoyed by all. But, when infused with coffee or tea, the strong taste is diluted by other stronger coffee or tea flavors. This makes the taste of CBD so much better and makes your experience more pleasurable.

Convenience: Rather than carrying CBD vapes or chocolates or gummies, there is no need to carry something extra with CBD tea or coffee. It becomes a part of your daily routine naturally without having to bring any major changes. 

While it might sound like a task to add a CBD oil to your daily diet, it becomes effortless with tea or coffee. Also, replacing your daily morning drink with a CBD-infused one can prove to be more effective.

Health Benefits: We are all aware of the health benefits that CBD offers. Whether it is pain-related or stress-related, CBD helps you in relaxing your mind and body at the same time. It uplifts your moods, making you a happier person.

Products offered in CBD tea and Coffee

Since tea and coffee happen to be a driving factor in our lives, TREET wanted to offer you with variety of products to try:

Tea Products

There are different variants available in CBD-infused tea with loaded health benefits:

Tea Bags: there are quite a few options that you can avail when it comes to tea bags on TREET. Teas infused with CBD comes in different flavors and brands.

 The Unusual Tea Company offers black tea, cornflower petals, calendula petals, rose petals, mango, and passionfruit. This tea is infused with 3%CBD in 10g of hemp.

The Equilibrium CBD Tea contains 4mg CBD in each 2 g serving of tea. The economical packing comes in 100 tea bags per package. 

The Buddha Teas CBD has 5mg CBD per tea bag and offers 18 bags per box. This is infused with turmeric and ginger, making it high in antioxidants giving better benefits. 

The Ultra Calm CBD Tea is available in flavors like chamomile and cherry. The 10g hemp contains 3%CBD promoting health, healing, and relaxation. 

The Zkittlez CBD infused Marshmallow Herb Tea contains 300mg of high-quality CBD and is completely THC free. 

The Euphoria Cannabis Tea contains 50 mg CBD in 20 tea bags. It comes in classic tea flavor infused with CBD.

Tea Pods: What is more convenient than putting that tea pod in your Nespresso coffee machines? The CBD Matcha Green Tea Pods are perfect for making hassle-free CBD-infused matcha. Each pod contains 5 mg CBD, and it comes in a pack of 10 pods. 

Healthy Tea: Cannabidiol offers you two variants in healthy tea i.e., Immune Support Tea and Health Support Tea. The Health Immune Support Tea is flavored with real cannabis terpenes and helps in supporting your immune system. The Health Heart Support Tea has real cannabis terpenes along with raspberries. This CBD-infused tea is supposed to help you in keeping a healthy heart. 

Canned Tea Drink: Why just go with hot tea drinks when you can get a canned iced tea drink? This Botanical Lab Latin Lover Tea Drink helps in mood enhancement while increasing mental energy and focus. The natural energy drink is low in calories and comes in a pack of 24, making it quite economical. 

Coffee Products

From coffee beans to ground coffee, CBD-infused coffee products can be availed in a number of options:

Ground Coffee: Canniant CBD Ground Coffee is infused with hemp flowers and can be prepared with a coffee filter machine. It is suitable for vegans with no GMO. It has 92% roasted ground coffee and 8% CBD. The coffee blend contains 90% Robusta and 10% Arabica.

Coffee BeansThe Equilibrium CBD Whole Bean Coffee has organic full-spectrum hemp extract and Colombian coffee beans. Each cup offers 7g coffee and 7mg CBD. It is advised not to exceed 8 cups of coffee per day or better tick to 4-5 servings in a day.

Coffee Pods: Coffee pods perfect for your Nespresso coffee machines are available in two brands i.e. Rockit Pods and Canniant Coffee Pods.

Rokit Pods CBD Coffee contains 5mg CBD per pod and comes in a pack of 10 pods. It is a blend of arabica robusta and full-spectrum CBD.

Canniant CBD Coffee Pods contain coffee infused with hemp flowers and contains 2.5 mg CBD per pod. It comes in a pack of 12 and is 100% gluten, sugar, and GMO-free.


Q: Will CBD Coffee get you high?

A: No. CBD is the cannabis plant’s non-psychoactive compound. So, it does not get you high when you drink CBD-infusion coffee or tea. The CBD compound is a different cannabinoid from that which is called THC, which is the major psychoactive compound in the plant and makes you ‘high.’

Q: What amount of CBD does each cup of CBD-infused coffee contain?

A: Well, the answer to this question depends on how much coffee you use. Experts recommend that you should use 10-15g per cup. This is according to how strong you like your coffee to be and how much CBD you want. TREETVapours CBD Coffee can give you about 10mg of CBD per cup. When it comes to our small batch CBD coffee, this gives you >5mg of CBD per cup.

Q: How should you brew your CBD coffee? 

A: Though sometimes instructions to brew your CBD coffee or tea may differ, most of the time, they are the same. You can easily and quickly brew our CBD coffee with the use of almost any traditional brewing method.

Here are the steps you can follow to brew your coffee:

  1. Add 10-15g per cup of coffee to your cafetiere.
  2. Add one cup of almost boiling water. 
  3. Mix and let it sit for 3-4 minutes. 
  4. Now, push the strainer down gently, and at the same time, push the coffee to the bottom.
  5. Pour and enjoy your fresh cup of CBD infused coffee. 
  6. Add milk and/or sugar as desired.
Q: What is the best time of day to take CBD?

A: While CBD should always be taken in modest dosages at any time of the day, many consumers and patients say that they experience better sleep when they take CBD a few hours before going to bed. TREETVapours suggest experimenting to check if mornings or evenings are the ideal times for you.

Keep in mind that everyone suffers from different deficiencies in their endocannabinoid system. Also, they have different sensitivities and unique body chemistry. So, the experience with consuming CBD differs from individual-to-individual.

Q: When does CBD expire?

A: CBD generally boasts a shelf life of a total of one year. However, if you refrigerate your CBD products, it can always increase your product’s shelf life and keep them fresh. However, you are advised to discuss specific expiration dates with the retailers since the expiration dates may often vary from product to product and brand to brand. Our CBD coffee and teas have a good one-year shelf life. Also, you can find their expiration date on the box.

Q: Can I give CBD coffee and tea to my child?

A: You are not advised to give CBD to your children because the product has not been FDA approved. Also, it is not intended for individuals below the age of 18. At TREETVapours, we recommend discussing CBD with the pediatrician of your children. Many parents have reported many therapeutic benefits for their children with a wide range of health conditions. CBD is a great, natural alternative because there are no mind-altering effects. Also, unlike over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, CBD does not cause adverse or long-term side effects.