CBD Skincare & Topicals

 TREET offers a wide range of CBD topical creams in the UK that are locally sourced and certified-organic for their purest and most potent CBD form. Our products are a natural blend of CBD, essential oils, and botanical extracts, resulting in premium CBD skin products. Our third-party lab-tested products are THC-free and safe for use.

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What are CBD Topicals & Skincare products?

Topicals are designed for external use. You can apply these on the skin straightforwardly, focusing on the target area. They are more viable options because they explicitly focus on the area of the issue instead of consuming the medication that goes into the assimilation tract and requires some time to work.

CBD Skin Care is an assortment of items injected with CBD content, and these items incorporate CBD Ointments, CBD Creams, CBD Gels and even bath products. Talking about usage, the CBD Skin Care lineup has multiple uses.

What can CBD Topicals be used for?

CBD topical creams are used for Acne treatments. CBD Massage Oils are utilized for a gentle, relaxing massage, CBD Pain topical creams are applied to relieve pain symptoms, and CBD lotions and creams are used for all-day skin moisturization. The possibilities are endless with CBD Topicals!

Benefits of TREET CBD Topicals & Skincare


All-natural Ingredients

Our Creams, Balms, and Gels contain all-natural ingredients. No nasty added chemicals!

Effective at Managing Pain

Studies have found that a topical formulation of CBD significantly lowers levels of inflammation and lower pain-related behaviors. This is no Different for our High strength Hemp-based topicals!

Effective at managing Skin Conditions

CBD has calming benefits when applied to the skin. This makes Our CBD topicals a helpful remedy for skin inflammation and problem skin.



Natural Ingredients

Positive Health Benefits

GMP Certified
Cruelty Free

CBD Topicals FAQs

How Do I use CBD Topicals?

You can rub our CBD topicals and skincare products into concerned skin areas, such as shoulders, wrists, knees, or joints. These are safe for use daily.

Do TREET skincare and topicals contain THC?

The entire line of TREET CBD Topicals are THC Free as supported by third-party lab reports. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive compound that creates the psychoactive effects known as a “high.” When you use our CBD Topicals, you can rest assured that you receive all the Hemp plant’s beneficial components without experiencing high.

Why are TREET topicals better than many other brands on the market?

We take pride in our CBD products that are made using the finest hemp-derived phytocannabinoids that are farmed locally. Our products are free of any harsh chemicals, heavy metals, fillers, solvents, and pesticides. So, you can stay confident when choosing our products.

CBD Skin Care Topical Creams For Moisturization

CBD topicals help counter the signs of skin damage, and its natural compounds combat skin inflammation. CBD skincare products can handle skin problems like early wrinkles, dullness, and reddish skin tone. CBD is also noteworthy for having calming effects due to which CBD Skin Care products also provide soothing and fresh-looking skin.

CBD Skin Care items have shown significant skin-smoothening and skin-normalizing impacts that can help limit the issues associated with skin sensitivity, including inflammation and redness, by providing adequate moisturizing components that healthy skin requires.

Since all skin types are influenced day by day by natural stressors, weather conditions, and UV rays, CBD’s Skin Care system can help hold everybody’s skin within proper limits while providing them with optimal nutrients along the way.

At TREETVapours, our CBD Skin Care lineup can be used as everyday products for the nourishment of skin and help in specific cases of pain and irritation. For all your CBD topical face creams, masks, and similar products in the UK, reach out to us.


CBD Skin Care Cream For Acne

As discussed previously, CBD also possesses anti-inflammation properties and can be an excellent solution for acne-prone skin. CBD Skin Care also includes different types of creams to help reduce mild to moderate acne. Studies have solidly claimed that acne is a condition of skin inflammation in a provocative manner.

CBD oil has calming benefits when applied to the skin. This makes CBD a reflective element for skin inflammation and acne-prone skin, while its quieting benefits help receptive skin look and feel good.

CBD can diminish abundant sebum creation on the skin (which is a significant cause of acne), potentially because of its adjusting impact on the level of the skin’s natural oil.