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Buy CBD Shatter, Wax & Crumble in the UK

CBD shatter, crumble, and wax are some uncommon but popular and useful formulations of CBD products.

At TREETVapours, we deal in a wide range of flavorful and aromatic CBD-infused products that you will love to have. These are ideal for experienced users who seek CBD products high in concentration.

Check out this guide to CBD shatter, wax & crumble to know about these CBD-infused products in detail, and make a sound purchase decision.

What is CBD shatter?

CBD shutter is a crystallized form of CBD isolate that has terpenes for enhanced flavors of the product. It is known for being the cleanest and purest form of CBD extract. Terpene contents, heat, and moisture all affect the consistency and texture of CBD shatter.

When it comes to the texture, CBD shatter is hard and brittle that shatters quite easily when you handle it. In the solid state, it is similar to the CBD wax, but you can easily tell the difference when handling it.

TREETVapours collection of CBD shatters include terpenes profiles, including Sunset Sherbert and berry lemonade. We also deal in Euphoria CBD shatter flavors such as watermelon kush, pineapple express, gorilla blue, to name a few.

CBD shatter can be dissolved into the oil, or you can vaporize it via dabbing. When you have to feed your endocannabinoid system (ECS) with CBD concentrate, dabbing is the most preferred way.

With this method, you heat the shatter to vapor until it is prepared for direct inhalation to your lungs. On top of that, vaporizing CBD shatters helps to prevent the burning of harmful carcinogens.

Due to the high concentration of CBD, shatter is preferred mostly by experienced cannabis users and those suffering from chronic illnesses.

You can combine CBD shatter into your food; but make sure they are heated above 00℃. Some of the terpene profiles you will find in CBD shatter are caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene.

What is CBD wax?

CBD wax is a cannabis concentrate that is popular for the high concentration of CBD. The product lets you receive a high CBD dose while you ingest a less of it in the process.

With TREETVapours CBD waxes in the UK, you get the same result without consuming much of CBD.


  • Choose from our CBD wax flavors, including mango kush, blueberry, amnesia, tutti frutti, raspberry, pineapple, chocolate and mango fruit.
  • CBD wax is called ‘wax’ because of its sticky appearance that is achieved after purifying and extracting CBD. At the end of the extraction process, CBD takes a wax-like consistency and appearance.
  • Our CBD waxes are available in a range of potencies – 5%, 10%, and 20%.

How is CBD wax extracted?

CBD wax can be made using two different extraction processes – Butane Hash Oil Extraction (BHO) andCO2 Extraction.


BHO extraction involves using butane to “pull out” essential oils in the cannabis plant, such as cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Although it is a popular extraction process, it has its own downfalls. Compared to this, CO2 extraction has now become the most preferred and safest method of producing CBD wax. This process uses pressurized carbon dioxide to eliminate terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.


Since it uses high heat and pressure to turn the CO2 supercritical, it is called supercritical CO2 extraction. At TREETVapours, we deal with products made using a supercritical CO2 extraction.

What is CBD crumble?

CBD crumble consists of up to 99% CBD, resulting from an extraction of the cannabis plant. After extraction, the manufacturer sets aside the substance to set, either in an oven or naturally.

It is set aside until it becomes a waxy, crumble-like form. CBD crumble consists of flavonoids, terpenes, and some amount of other cannabinoids. You may love to try CBD Leafline 1000mg CBD crumble Gelato or the one containing ZKITTLEZ terpenes.


When it comes to usage, CBD crumbles an ideal form CBD for everyday use. Many medical patients have reported crumble as an ideal alternative to other forms of substance consumption. It is known to be helpful with chronic pain management therapies.


To use it, you have to dab CBD wax crumble. In this process, you have to heat a small amount of crumble by placing it on the heated coil on your pen. The heat will turn the waxy crumble into a form that can be easily vaped, allowing you to inhale the product through your mouth.


One of the most important benefits of CBD crumble is it allows you to fine-tune and find out exactly how much CBD consumption fits your body. However, you are advised to start smaller because crumbles can be highly potent.

FAQs – CBD Shatter, Wax & Crumble

Q: Can CBD shatter get you high?

A: Luckily, CBD shatter is no different from other kinds of CBD formulations. Thus, when taken into the appropriate amount and dosage, it does not make you high. To use it, you have to dab it exactly the same as you do other types of cannabis concentrates.

Q: Is it possible to dab CBD Isolate?

A: Absolutely, you can! After you procedure a dab rig, you have to add a little amount of CBD wax to the nail of the rig. Next, you have to apply the hot end of the blowtorch and then inhale it like a conventional bong. It’s a bit complicated, but many CBD enthusiasts just prefer this way.

Q: Which is better: CBD crumble, or CBD shatter?

A: One popular way of converting wax into crumble is purging the formulation for a long duration of time at a lower heat. This method helps to preserve more terpenes. In addition, it also results in a better-tasting concentrate.

Note that crumble wax is hard to handle. So, users prefer to shatter over the crumble. However, for many tokers, it is still a great and most preferred way to enjoy CBD.

Q: What is a CBD wax pen?

A: This CBD dabs pen features an adjustable airflow that lets you control the amount of airflow. You can use this to rotate the textured band that is found beneath the glass mouthpiece. On top of that, it exposes 3 air holes that surround the pen. Moreover, the vape pen also features several accessories.