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TREET makes sure to offer the best CBD products no matter what. Our organic CBD Oils and sprays are formulated using all natural ingredients and blended for your specific needs. Just pick a formulation and experience CBD at its finest.

Night Time Vanilla

A unique blend of premium CBD, MCT oil and Vanilla extracts, formulated to help you unwind and aid a good nights sleep!


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Lab tested

Our CBD-Oil is lab-tested to ensure the highest quality possible.

Ethically sourced

All TREET CBD Oils use botanicals that are ethically and sustainably sourced from high-quality suppliers.

Natural Ingredients

All TREET CBD Oils contain 100% all natural ingredients. No artificial ingredients, flavourings or alcohol.

High quality

Every bottle of TREET CBD Oil contains Broad Spectrum (0% THC) CBD-Extract from Organically grown Hemp plants. Our Oils are gluten-free, palm-oil free, vegan and bottled in the UK.

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What is a CBD Oil?

CBD oil is obtained by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant. This extracted material is then diluted with carrier hemp seed oil. There are various methods of extraction used like carbon dioxide, steam distillation, and hydrocarbon, or natural solvents. The most effective one happens to be carbon dioxide extraction.

CBD oil drops can be used in more than one way. All the CBD-infused products, from edibles to topical, have one thing in common – CBD oil. Every single product out of these has CBD oil as the main ingredient. You can use CBD oil for making CBD-infused products at home.

You can add CBD oil drops to baking goods like cookies and cakes to cosmetics like creams and lotions. CBD oil can also be used directly for massage purposes anywhere on the body as it acts like essential oils.

Benefits of CBD Oil?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid chemical compound commonly found in marijuana and hemp plants.

It is used in various products—CBD vape oil, edibles, etc.—that interact with the endocannabinoid system of the human’s body to impart a feeling of relaxation. It can help provide raelief for post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and may assist you in improving your memory, sleep, digestion, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of CBD oil?

CBD oils are extracted in three major categories being full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate.

What are the components of CBD oil that affect the taste of it?

CBD oil in its natural taste has an earthy smell with hints of nuttiness. The taste of the oil is mainly affected by terpenes, chlorophyll, and the oil carrier which can be coconut or hemp seed.

Is it possible to mask CBD oil drops taste?

Yes, the CBD oil taste can be masked very easily. You just need to mix the oil with foods or you can also add flavored varieties of terpenes. Our CBD Oil is also available in various natural flavours which we believe have made taking CBD extra tasty!

Does CBD oil expire?

Like most of the other products, CBD oil goes bad too generally lasting up to 2 years. Most of the products have the information clearly labeled on the packaging. We would suggest you read the product information before making any purchase.

How much CBD oil drops should i take?

Dosing is really personal – similar to how caffeine or alcohol can affect everyone differently. Feel free to start a new ritual and start with a lower regular dose (15-30 MG per serve), note how you feel, and dose up with additional CBD products if you would like to double down.

What are the Properties of CBD?

  • It helps stabilise blood sugar levels.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help relieve anxiety by inducing sleep in cases of insomnia, improving symptoms of PTSD, reducing stress, and minimising physiological effects of anxiety—increased heart rate.
  • It helps control your blood pressure in everyday stressful situations.
  • It helps reduce the risk of developing various chronic diseases—hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, obesity, and hypertension.
  • It helps you maintain a healthy sleep pattern.
  • It maintains a stable state of mood by interacting with the body’s dopamine receptors.
  • It also helps to treat stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease, etc.