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CBD Oil Spray

With all the new medication trends going around, CBD is topping the list in almost every industry. Its popularity is growing every day not only in youth but almost every legal generation. 

Being a part of wellness trends, it has carved a special place among fitness enthusiasts. Before all the CBD-infused products had hit the market, the classic CBD oil came into the picture.

But, gone are the days when you had to massage those CBD oils into your skin to get their benefits. Now, CBD oils come in the form of sprays too! These sprays can be used in multiple ways depending upon their functionality.

You can intake a pump of oil spray directly by spraying it under the tongue. There are some other sprays which act similar to pain relief sprays and need to be used externally. 

Not just any muscle pain, these sprays have proven to be beneficial for period cramps too!

Benefits of CBD Oil Spray

CBD oil spray just like all other CBD-infused products has proven to be beneficial in more than one way.

Muscle Pain: Just like a lot of pain-relieving sprays in the market, CBD-infused oil sprays relieve muscle pain. You just need to spray in on the affected area like sore muscle and the cooling effect will help in pain relief.

Anxiety and Depression: The most common problems that every other individual goes through these days are anxiety and depression. When treated with pharmaceutical drugs, side effects like drowsiness, agitation, and insomnia have been observed.

But, CBD oil has been promising for depression and anxiety. It has proven to be a safe treatment for insomnia and anxiety in individuals.  

Heart Health: CBD has also been known to have positive effects in terms of cardiovascular diseases. Trials have suggested that hemp seeds help in lowering blood pressure and reducing the risks of blood clots.

Inflammatory Skin Conditions: Apart from anti-inflammatory properties, CBD has also shown anti-itch, anti-aging, and anti-cancer properties too. It may be capable of improving acne, skin cancer, atopic dermatitis, and pain.

Types of CBD Oil Sprays Offered

TREET offers you a varied range of oil sprays from different companies to choose the best-suited product for yourself.

Our CBD Night Spray contains 1200mg CBD and comes in a 30ml packaging. It has broad-spectrum CBD with 0% THC. This is a vegan product with high bioavailability. 

You are recommended to start with four sprays in the evening. Spray it under the tongue and leave for 1-2 minutes. Please do not exceed 70mg CBD per day.

Our CBD Spray is a vitamin-enriched spray that contains vitamin C, vitamin D, and turmeric with added benefits of CBD. This spray helps in bone maintenance, muscle soreness and support the immune system. This can be used with any food supplement up to 3 times per day.

Choose our organic CBD spray is a 100% organic oral CBD spray with 1000mg CBD strength. It is made with full-spectrum CBD oil. You can take this before d=bedtime or anytime during the day as per your requirement. The full-spectrum oil is suspended in the pure hemp oil and is quite heavy.

Our all round CBD Oral Spray has a minty taste with CBD infused. It contains 500mg CBD in a 10ml bottle. Each spray gives you 5mg CBD and it is recommended to keep your usage under 200mg per day.

Choose CBD infused Spray is made of hemp seed oil. This is cold-pressed oil with 100% virgin and food-grade hemp seed oil extract. It is available in a 30ml bottle. This has proven to be beneficial in heart health, reduced inflammation, anxiety relief, improved skin as well as digestion.

FAQs: CBD Oil Spray

How long does a 30ml bottle spray last?

Depending upon your everyday utility, it can vary from person to person. A single bottle can easily last for a minimum of 30 days of continual use.

How can I use a CBD oil spray?

You just need to shake the bottle properly to ensure that the extract is mixed with the oil. In the case of oral consumption, you can spray it under your tongue or the inside of the cheek. If you are going for an external oil spray, just spray it on the affected area and you will experience instant pain relief.

How soon will I feel the effect?

The effects vary from person to person depending upon your body processing. In most cases, it starts working within minutes of usage. You can wait for a few minutes and increase the dosage if you do not feel anything at all. We suggest going slow if you are a beginner.

How much CBD intake is right per day?

Everyone’s body acts differently when it comes to absorbing CBD. To begin with, you can take 70mg a day for one week and then decrease the dosage as per your requirement.

Are CBD oil and Hemp Oil the same?

No, the hemp oil is different from CBD oil. This is because hemp seed oil is achieved by pressing the cannabis hemp plant. It is generally used for cooking or topically on the skin. However, CBD oil is extracted from the complete hemp plant.