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CBD Drinks

Taste CBD like never before

We all love drinks! At the same time, we all love drinks as the day ends. We all have to feel relaxed and find some quality when we can drink, relax, and enjoy.

Fortunately, there are many drinks available on the drinks, including soft drinks, energy drinks, sodas, CBD drinks, and many more. Still, we all are aware of the fact that there are many health risks associated with alcoholic and non-alcoholic canned beverages.

CBD has become a popular name in almost every age group because of its potential benefits. CBD infused with daily usage products like edibles, drinks, skincare, essential oils, etc proved to be the real game-changer. TREET offers you product categories ranging from vape pens to edibles and drinks infused with CBD. One of these product categories happens to be CBD drinks.

Canned sodas have an excess amount of sugar and caffeine. The carbonization process stimulated by these drinks can damage the calcium content in your body.

TREET offers you CBD drinks that let you relax without worrying about any health risks. Made with high-quality cannabis extracts and flavorful botanical extracts, these CBD-infused drinks.

There is a wide range of drinks available in the market from soft drinks to energy drinks. Everybody likes to enjoy these drinks every once in a while despite the associated health risks. With an excessive amount of sugar, caffeine, and carbonization present, these drinks tend to harm you in the long run.

How about going for a healthy drink which not only minimizes any health risks but proves to have a positive impact? That is where we introduce CBD drinks to you. CBD drinks like all other CBD-infused products are made of cannabidiol. The beverages are infused with CBD after they are filtered. The process might vary depending upon the products.

Why CBD Drinks

With so many CBD-infused products available in the market, it might get hard to choose one. There is more than one reason to choose CBD drinks.

To begin with, not a lot of people like having CBD in edible forms like gummies or capsules. This is because the CBD tinctures stay under their tongue. Whereas, a CBD drink’s taste tends to stay for a shorter period of time in your mouth.

CBD drinks are available in plenty of flavors and different potencies. So, you can pick the right product for your body type and requirement. Also, as compared to CBD edibles, CBD drinks tend to work faster. It takes about an hour to show their effects depending on the drink type and potency level.

CDB drinks in different categories work the same way as the product usually would except for the added CBD benefits. For example, a CBD-infused energy drink would still give you the instant energy boost but with added CBD benefits.

These drinks are super easy and convenient to be carried and consumed anywhere anytime. With all the products available like energy drinks, tonic water, etc. you do not need to intake CBD separately. You just need to switch your regular beverage with a CBD-infused drink.

Just like all other CBD-infused products, CBD drinks can also help in arthritis, inflammations, anxiety, and depression. They relax your mind and body as they have psychological effects and act as a stimulant according to studies.

Benefits of CBD Drinks

CBD beverages are made from cannabidiol that is the most active ingredient in cannabis. This compound lacks the psychoactive side effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and has unmatched therapeutic properties.

Adding CBD to your drinks not just make them tasty and healthy but also provide an easy way to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle effortlessly.

A CBD-infused drink is only a word, but there is a whole process behind it. For those who don’t like eating CBD capsules, gummies, or other forms of CBD edibles or don’t find CBD tinctures’ taste can easily introduce CBD drinks into their daily routine.

CBD drinks come in a variety of flavors and potencies. When you choose a drink rich in high CBD content, it becomes an energy drink. A CBD-packed energy drink offers instant energy with added benefit of CBD for our body. People usually choose these beverages to help relieve their stress levels and anxiety because studies show CBD acts as a stimulant.

Our line of CBD Drinks

At TREET, we offer a wide variety of CBD drinks, from energy shakes to sprinkle water. Read on to explore about collection in detail:

CBD Energy Shake

CBD energy shakes delivers energy from various components from the cannabis plant. Most of these drinks contain natural ingredients that are extracted from hemp seeds.

CBD-infused energy shakes are pre-workout CBD shakes that help you in balancing your nervous system and immune system. The energy shakes bring wakefulness and is loaded with energy-based ingredients. Taking these pre-workout sessions tend to increase focus while reducing fatigue.

At TREET, you get pre-workout CBD shakes that also blend in mango, pineapple, and vanilla flavors. These protein shakes regulate the endocannabinoid system of your body and help you achieve homeostasis.

When combined with TREET’s high-quality protein powders, these shakes become the best post-exercise nutrition. You can enjoy this nutrition after each workout to boost the process of muscle recovery.

Our protein-rich energy shakes help to restore the balance in your immune system and central nervous system.

CBD-Infused Sparkling Drink

CBD-infused sparkling water drinks can be availed in a number of flavors, potencies, and even brands. From sparkling water to coconut water, TREET offers different types of CBD-infused drinks to you. Most of these drinks are both sugar and calorie-free or low sugar and low calorie based.

TREET offers sparkling water drink that is an organic Moringa, Matcha, and Ginseng health drinks with a lemon base.

Try out flourish sparkling water drink that is herbal drink made with a blend of rosemary, thyme, and lavender paired with botanical extracts. TREET’s mind sparkling water drink with a lemon based infused with many healthy botanical ingredients.

Moreover, CBD mixed berry CBD sparkling water also makes a great pick if you are looking for a sparkling water drink.

There are flavored sparkling water, coconut drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, tonic water, etc. all infused with CBD like Drink 420 CBD Infused Sparkling Drink. All of these work exactly the way they usually do but with a tinge of CBD in them.

CBD Protein Shakes

Our 7NRG Protein Shakes are post-workout CBD drinks. The infused CBD helps in muscle recovery and sourness post a workout session. These shakes are 100% organic and drawn from the finest hemp plants. Also, these happen to be non-psychoactive i.e. THC free.

Available in two variants –Vanilla and Vegan Vanilla, these contain the exact amount of CBD required for muscle recovery.

Sparkling Water Drink

TREET offers drink 420 beverages that pack 15mg Hemp CBD. Derived from all-natural, agricultural hemp grown, our CBD compound makes drinks that rebalance all benefits of this magical compound.

Try out our lemon & lime CBD sparkling water that is loaded with jaw-dropping flavor and refreshment. It is made using water, apple juice, cannabis sativa l extract, citric acid, etc.

CBD Sports Drink

If you belong to sports, then TREET brings you treat with its exclusive collection of specially formulated drinks. We are proud to supply the UK’s first CBD sport drinks.

Try out TREETVapours Sport CBD isotonic sports drink that will make you want more of it because of its refreshing flavors. Formulated with 10mg of high-quality CBD, this orange flavored drink provides enough hydration while replacing lost electrolytes through bodily activities.

Beverage Enhancer

As the name suggests, beverage enhancers help you in enhancing the taste of your drinks. CBD beverage enhancers are water-soluble, flavored additives. You can add these enhancers to your drinks to enhance its taste and flavor. CBD-infused enhancers make it even better. Though these are perfect for a post-workout recovery but can be used in pre-workout shakes or just water too.

Offered by brand CBD Asylum, these come in 60ml packing with 250mg CBD and contain 0% THC.

One of the best things about CBD enhancers is that they do not contain calories and sugar. According to some scientific studies, CBD drink enhancers do not make you feel high because of their non-psychoactive properties.

TREET offers CBD enhancers, such as CBD leaf workout shot beverage enhancer and CBD Asylum Pro Shot beverage enhancer, which are tiny particles. These particles easily mix very with any drink. When consumed, CBD enhancers are absorbed by our body into the bloodstream allowing you to fully enjoy all its health benefits.

Collagen Drink

The Bumblezest Revive & Restore Ginger & Turmeric Collagen Drink helps you in revival and restoration. It comes in a pack of 20 bottles and each bottle contains 60ml of Collagen drink. It is a natural product and carries 5.5.g of hydrolyzed Marine Collagen.

The ingredients are added in significant doses to the product so that the differences can be noticed upon consumption. It only contains 45 calories so you do not have to keep a calorie check. The lemon juice, ginger, and turmeric powder added in this drink happen to have great skin and body benefits.

CBD Shots

CBD-infused shots are just like any other shots you have like a ginger shot, etc.TREET offers you two brands in these:

 CBDfx provides you two flavors in CBD-infused shots i.e. Lemonade and Cherry. These ready-to-drink flavored shots are loaded with 20mg CBD. The shots are totally organic being rich in cannabinoids. The refreshing lemonade and natural berry tastes make this product even better.

New Era Wellness booster shot is a non-sweetened sugar-free shot. The 40ml packing comes with 80mg CBD infused in it. Available in flavors like cherry, lemon ‘n’ lime, strawberry, banana, and raspberry, you can enjoy this with pre-sweetened drinks. Please ensure to add 10-25ml in one glass for the best results.

CBD Cordial

TREET’s O’Shaughnessy CBD Cordial infuses turmeric, lychee and citrus.

Featuring 5mg of full-spectrum soluble CBD and sparkling water, this CBD cordial also includes natural fruit flavors and botanical extracts for added health benefits.

Our Hemp Infused Turmeric, Lychee & Citrus CBD Cordial is a concentrated syrup that comes in a 500ml packing. This is a complete sugar-free drink and comes with 90mg CBD per bottle. You can get 18 servings out of each bottle which makes it quite economical.

To consume this, you need to dilute 1 part of syrup with 8 parts of water. The natural fruit flavors make it taste good and health supplements provide energy and vitality. This is a vegan and gluten-free product.

CBD-Infused Tea

TREET’s Rokit Pods CBD Matcha green tea is a mix of organic Japanese matcha green tea and full-spectrum water-soluble CBD. This product is also suitable for Nespresso coffee machines.

Other CBD Drinks

In addition to the drinks listed above, TREET also deals in CBD-infused berry hill shot, protein shakes and coconut drinks. TREET’s tonic water, CBD booster, and collagen drinks are sure to leave your impressed and wanting more of it. Try out Botanic Lab Yin Yang Yuzu drink that brings effects similar to that of calming Japanese Green Tea and zesty Yuzu.

CBD Drinks FAQ

Q: What exactly is a CBD drink?

A: A CBD drink is a beverage infused with CBD oil.

Q: Is CBD oil legal?

A: Yes. CBD is legal in the U.S. at the federal and state level. Use of CBD does not require direct FDA regulation at the moment.

Q: Why should you buy a CBD drink?

A: Taste and flavor are two foremost reasons for buying a CBD drink. TREET’s CBD drinks are formulated to be a jaw-dropping combination of natural ingredients and flavors that let you to high-grade CBD in a highly delectable manner.

Q: Which CBD drink should you try first?

A: That’s entirely up to you! We offer a variety of flavors, such as Berry, Pineapple, Mango, and Lemonade.