CBD Eaze

CBD Eaze is another well-known company in the CBD industry providing the best products in the UK, Europe, and America. Offering a unique and comprehensive CBD product service, CBD Eaze uses high-quality CBD core ingredients. Most of the products include CBD isolate, CBD distillate, CBD water-soluble, and CBD paste.

The company also offers custom packaging options apart from the standard ones. CBD Eaze is known for e-liquids and isolates. However, it provides a wide range of products from edibles to skincare and topicals targeting a widespread audience.

CBD Eaze provides highly cost-efficient products, unlike its counterparts.

Products Offered at TREET

TREET offers a wide range of CBD Eaze products for you to choose from ranging from skin balms to honey sticks.

CBD Eaze skin balm contains ingredients like witch hazel, chamomile, peppermint, lavender, and cannabidiol. The unique blend of CBD and essential oils helps in soothing the skin by reducing itchiness and burning. The 15 ml packaging contains 50 mg CBD which helps in rashes and swelling because of the anti-inflammatory properties.

The soothe body oil by CBD Eaze is the perfect blend of essential oils with CBD. Each 50 ml bottle contains 150 mg of organic CBD along with olive oil, castor, lavender, chamomile, and rosemary. 

The fragrant body oil has therapeutic properties and can be used for muscle relaxation and repair. It is highly effective in speeding up recovery post-workout.

CBD Eaze oils and tinctures are one of the best ones available in the market. Made from premium organic CBD and oil plants, it contains 500mg CBD in a 15 ml packaging. There are multiple strength options available and you can pick one as per your needs.

These oils can be consumed sublingually by holding them for 60 seconds before swallowing. One of the fastest and most effective ways of experiencing CBD benefits is ingesting through the mouth because of many cannabinoid receptors.

Moving onto the topical section, CBD Eaze offers bath bombs containing a full spectrum 100 mg CBD. These bath bombs are combined with essential oils and salts for maximized relaxation effects. 30 minutes of soaking is recommended to penetrate the full effects of CBD along with other essential oils.

CBD Eaze isolate contains 1000mg CBD and can be combined with any product of your choice. Being a vegan option, it is well-suited for everyone.

The transdermal CBD patches offer the fastest CBD absorption amongst all other products. These contain premium quality CBD with each part containing 8mg full-spectrum CBD. Patches are also one of the most convenient ways of using CBD.

All you need to do is stick a patch on your skin and forget about it for the next 24 hours. The fast working patches help the skin in absorbing CBD directly making you feel the effects instantly.

CBD in the form of food supplements is another great way to introduce CBD in your daily routine. CBD Eaze capsules are made with organically grown hemp and contain 200 mg full-spectrum CBD. These capsules are gluten-free and completely vegan.

Being highly convenient to carry and use anywhere anytime, the capsules are well-suited for your daily dose of CBD.

Another great product from CBD Eaze is the gummies which do not contain any artificial color or preservatives. Each gummy contains 10 mg CBD with 100 mg CBD available in one box. These can also be availed in multiple flavors.

CBD Eaze's honey sticks happen to be another unconventional product infused with CBD. The pack contains 10 honey sticks with each containing 10 mg CBD. The sticks are free of any artificial sweetener or additives and can be added to any drink or food of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can I keep the CBD tincture under my tongue?

A:  Any CBD tincture or oil can be kept under the tongue for 30 to 60 seconds for the best results. However, if you can hold it any longer, go for it as the absorption will become significantly better.

Q: What is the best way to take CBD?

A: Nowadays, there are multiple options to use CBD. Some of the most effective ways are sublingual tinctures and sprays which can be ingested easily through the mouth.

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