Originated from the small Battersea kitchen of Dan and Emily Watson’s, BumbleZest is primarily known for CBD drinks.The brand crafts recipes using natural ingredients including CBD.

Each of their recipes is intended to help consumers deal with modern lifestyles and to have something pleasing to taste. The brand mainly focuses on complexion, health, vitality, weight management, and overall well being. 

BumbleZest shots are actually health shots on the go. Their cans come up as a refreshing drink while their light CBD tonic water can be paired with any premium spirit of your preference. The brand concentrates on packing each of their drinks with up to nine different functional and health ingredients in appropriate doses.

In order to maintain calories and sugar at absolute minimum, BumbleZest adds only a single drop of honey or maple to their drinks. Their packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable with non-BPA aluminum cans and glass bottles. They do not use plastic material. 

Shop BumbleZest CBD drinks at TREETVapours

At TREETVapours, we take pride in our collection of CBD drinks. You will be impressed with the unique and wide assortment of flavors you will find at TREETVapours. 

Each flavored blend offers a unique set of health and mental benefits. For instance, if you choose comfort and calm CBD drink, it works as a natural relaxant and calmer. This makes all-natural and tasty health shots that are packed functional ingredients.

It offers benefits, such as relieving anxiety, aids in digestive health, serves as antioxidants, reduces blood pressure, and is great for the skin.

BumbleZest collagen restore CBD drink consists of ginger and turmeric extracts. It is formulated using all natural ingredients that are sourced for their particular health-friendly properties. This golden drink helps to revive and restore your body as and when you need. 

The Sparkling Water Drink from the brand consists of caffeinated sparkling water, Yerba Mate, Matcha and green coffee bean. It also contains some other botanical extracts.

Shop for BumbleZest CBD-infused tonic water that is a natural low in sugar and low in calorie drink. It contains full spectrum CBD and other natural flavors, including natural quinine infused with ginger juice, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cinnamon. This refreshing CBD drink will keep you calm, energized, and revived throughout the day. 

You will love BumbleZest fire and fortify CBD drink that is formulated using all-natural ingredients. In addition to full spectrum CBD, this drink contains seven all-natural and functional ingredients. Try out this drink to stay energized and relaxed for the whole day.


Q: How much do BumbleZest CBD drinks cost?

A: On an average, BumbleZest CBD drinks cost about £2.09. In case you want any other product from their line of products, the cans match the price and bottles cost around £2.79. 

These price estimates may vary depending on the time you purchase the product. However, at TREETVapours, we ensure you BumbleZest drinks available at affordable prices. 

Q: From where does BumbleZest source its CBD extracts?

A: Rest assured that all CBD edibles, drinks, and other products you will find at our store are free from any traces of THC. THC is the primary psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. 

BumbleZest sources its CBD extracts from local farms in the United Kingdom. That means, their products meet EU regulations and also consist of no THC. 

Q: Can I keep BumbleZest CBD drinks in the  fridge?

A: Yes, you can! Many users report good taste when stored the drinks at room temperature. You can also keep it in your fridge. 

You should put all your efforts into protecting the quality and taste. Keep these drinks away from extreme temperatures and out of direct sunlight.

Q: Can you mix BumbleZest drinks with something else?

A: BumbleZest drinks can be drunk on their own. However, the brand lists a lot of ideas for you to experiment with their drinks. According to their recipes, you can add these drinks to your smoothies or to your cocktail. 

Q: How many calories does each BumbleZest can consist of?

A: The brand tries to keep calories and sugar content in their drinks as low as possible. To be precise, their cans contain sugar content from maple syrup. This gives an awesome sweetness and taste to BumbleZest drinks. 

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