1CBD is one of the leading CBD brands that provide the best quality and pure Hemp full spectrum extract CBD oil. For formulating their products, the brand uses carefully hand-picked CBD extracts from all around the world. Their CBD extracts are mainly sourced from the finest hemp fields that are powered by the Colorado sunshine. 

Their hemp crop is never exposed to harmful pesticides and chemicals. 1CBD follows a safe and proven extraction process that preserves all beneficial cannabinoids, amino acids, terpenoids, and terpenes. 

1CBD oils are formulated in small batches that help ensure their products' quality, taste, color, potency, and consistency.

All their CBD oils are freshly prepared with natural preservatives and rich flavors. These zero THC products do not contain THC that is the primary psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant. 

1CBD’s product line is pure, chemical-free, and premium strains derived from high CBD hemp plants. You will find the highest quality full-spectrum extract PCR CBD oil available in the UK. 

The brand follows a medical-grade C02 extraction process that helps make the products safe and environmentally friendly. All extracts, as well as raw materials we use, are thoroughly tested and analyzed by independent third-party labs across the USA for purity and quality assurance. 

Shop for 1CBD Products at TREETVapours

TREETVapours takes pride in its selection of 1CBD products such as flavored gum drops, chocolates, CBD oils, and more. The brand offers the following products:

  • Pure Hemp CBD Oils: 1CBD deals in a wide range of different oils. There is something available at the store for everyone as the brand offers oils in strength of 5%, 10%, 20%, or 40%. If you are unsure which strength works best for you, you can try out their 1ml tested pack that is available for each strength. Each of these oils feature full-spectrum CBD that offers best possible effects. 
  • Softgel Capsules: 1CBD softgel capsules are ideal for those who dislike the taste of oil in its pure form. With capsules, you still get the right dosage of CBD needed but in an easier to swallow manner. You will find a 10mg or 25mg capsule. For a higher dose of CBD, you can try out 25mg capsules that also contain 10mg of curcumin. The quality remains the same as that of CBD oil, and only the delivery method differs.
  • CBD Edibles: At TREETVapours, we offer a wide collection of CBD edibles including gum drops, and CBD-infused chocolates, to name a few. When you choose gum drops with 10mg of CBD, your recommended daily dosage is 1-2 drops per day. There are several different flavors of CBD chocolates available on the market. You can choose from any of these flavors available from the brand. 

Overall, we can say that 1CBD is a strong and impeccable contender when we talk about the best UK CBD store on the market. The brand is completely legit and safe. So, you can shop for their products confidently for your safe use. 


Q: What makes 1CBD one of the best CBD brands available on the market? 

A: As mentioned above, 1CBD only uses hand-picked extracts that are grown in the world’s best hemp fields. 

Their immense knowledge of the industry results in the superior-quality Phytocannabinoid Rich CBD products. These contain naturally occurring beneficial cannabinoids, amino acids, and terpenes. 

In comparison, many of the brand’s competitors offer products derived from industrial hemp plants with an inferior spectrum profile. On the other hand, 1CBD offers full traceability and accountability of their products. 

Q: How 1CBD does guarantee ZERO THC products?

A: The company makes a strong claim for THC-free products that sets them apart in the competition with many of their rivals. Besides, the brand still stays within their legal threshold. 

The company offers excellent email support and phone support to its customers when it comes to customer support. 

Q: Will their CBD products get noticed in drug tests?

A: No, 1CBD products contain no THC. So, you won’t find any psychoactive ingredient that could give you a high effect. 

These products are guaranteed safe to use while driving or for athletes. So, you can get drugs tested with confidence as there will be no issues.

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