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Essential oil diffusers can be complicated, so TREET have simplified the process and created a personal and portable essential oil diffuser. Simply choose a blend below, inhale and experience nature with TREET.


An invigorating blend of Lemon oil, Scotch Pine, Rosemary and Lime. Designed to Purify the mind and refresh the senses.


Our stimulating blend that combines the uplifting properties of Orange, Lemon and Mandarin with the refreshing properties of Pine and Spearmint


A sensual and relaxing blend of juicy Sweet Oranges, floral Ylang Ylang, herbal Patchouli and fresh Palmarosa.

The Aromatherapy Pen

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Safety tested

Each and every one of our Aromatherapy Diffusers is safety tested to ensure the highest build qulity possible.

Ethically sourced

All essential oils used in TREET products are ethically and sustainably sourced from high quality suppliers.

refresh personal essentiall oil aromatherapy diffuser

Natural Ingredients

All TREET Aromatheapy Pens contain 100% all natural ingredients. No tobacco, nicotine, artificial ingredients or propylene glycol.

Long lasting

Each Aromatherapy pen lasts up to 300 puffs, giving you around 2 weeks of use.

Portable Aromatherapy Pens


Essential oil diffusers can be complicated, so TREET has simplified the process and created a portable essential oil diffuser. Simply choose a blend below, inhale, and experience nature with TREET.

In today’s world, we see a shift in the perception of the general masses towards unconventional therapies. The beginning of this decade has proved to be a game-changer for the wellness industry. The alternative therapies have taken the medical industry by storm and are now moving as a parallel field alongside conventional treatments. Today we see the resurgence of yoga, acupuncture, meditation, detox therapies, and Aromatherapy. People are moving away from traditional medicines and opting for these alternative therapies. The primary reason behind this shift is because of the increased awareness in public about many harmful side effects that these allelopathic drugs possess. This public awareness has led the masses to search for other alternative treatments. One such treatment is Aromatherapy, which is performed by burning essential oils in a device called an Aromatherapy diffuser.

This type of treatment works with inhaling unique kinds of oils called essential oils. These oils are made from different kinds of ingredients and claims to work for the betterment of wellbeing. In this case, these essential oils are infused with CBD content to make CBD Aromatherapy oil diffuser. By mixing it with CBD, which is another vital product of the wellness market, makes it the ultimate choice for fitness enthusiasts. However, CBD is also a new product relatively, and there are many parallels between it and Aromatherapy. You can be forgiven for not been knowing about CBD because it is new on the block, but rest assured that it is an item that you should have some basic knowledge about that’s because CBD is taking over the wellness market rapidly.

CBD, also is known as cannabidiol, is a unique compound due to its properties, origin, and the number of potential benefits that it posses. CBD is extracted from the industrial hemp plant that is part of the cannabis family tree. Yes, the same type of cannabis out of which many recreational drugs like weed, mary jane, and marijuana is derived from. However, despite having the same origins, it doesn’t possess the same psychoactive properties. The psychoactive properties are triggered in the human due to another compound called THC, and it can be considered as the sinister twin brother of THC on which we will discuss later. CBD, on the other hand, may possess many potential benefits for the health and wellbeing of the human body. Because of being a new product, it’s still under clinical trials and still requires more research data to solidify these claims. However, word of mouth about CBD has been immensely positive, and the people who use it firmly believes that it works in many ailments.

The extraction process is CBD is also unique, like the product. The industrial hemp plant has many glands over its structure, primarily located near the female reproductive organ. These glands have a thick viscous liquid that holds more than 113 distinct cannabinoids, including THC and CBD. This resin is the main source of CBD. This liquid is refined to remove other compounds and lower the THC quantity to make CBD oil. In another variation, many of the other cannabinoids are left intact in the resin, and it is diluted into an oil-like structure to make full-spectrum CBD oil. After that, this CBD oil is used to make many distinct CBD infused products, including the aromatherapy diffuser that uses the CBD infused essential oils. Apart from that, many other products are also manufactured with CBD oil.

The diluted form of this resin, also called the CBD oil, is the building block behind the massive number of many CBD infused products. Today there is enormous saturation in the CBD industry regarding both the brands and number of products. Today you point at any personal care or grooming product, and there are high chances that it would have a CBD alternative to it. Apart from the aromatherapy oil diffuser, which also has CBD oil in it, there are many different CBD products in the market. Some of these products include CBD in edibles form ranging from CBD capsules and tablets to candies, gummies, and even chocolates; moreover, the CBD oil can also be consumed in raw form as tinctures or can be mixed in food or beverages. CBD oil is also available in topical form, or it’s subsidiary cosmetic products like CBD cream, balms, lotions, and shower products like CBD shampoos and bath bombs, all these products have CBD oil in them. Apart from personal care products, CBD oil has also seeped into the smoke industry. We see products like CBD hash, pre-rolled joints, and CBD infused vape juices, and aromatherapy oil diffusers, so the smokers don’t feel left out in this CBD wave.

The main concern for a new CBD user is the legality and laws regarding the whole thing. Well, that confusion has mostly been cleared with the passing of the farm bill of 2018 in the USA. This bill legalized all products that are made out of industrial hemp as long as the THC content in them is kept below 0.3%. While in the UK, industrial hemp-based products are already legalized through the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971, while the only difference is that according to EU regulations, only 0.2% THC content is allowed. Thus all brands keep the THC content to minimal levels. Despite all these precautions, still enough data regarding the effects of CBD is not present at the moment. This has barred any formal food authority to endorse CBD based products, whether its FDA of the USA or the FSA in the UK.

What is an Aromatherapy Diffuser?

An aromatherapy diffuser, sometimes also called an aromatherapy oil diffuser, is a gadget through which the Aromatherapy is performed. Aromatherapy is a unique type of remedy and is often confused with smoking or vaping. However, it should be noted that vaping, smoking, and Aromatherapy are completely different things in vaping the aerosol, which produces by burning the vape juice smoked while in smoking, the tobacco is directly burned and smoked. In contrast, the process of Aromatherapy is entirely different. In Aromatherapy, essential oils are used that are burned to create a pleasant aroma. This aroma is not necessarily smoked; however, it is spread into a room, and the user inhales this aroma with the natural breathing process. Aromatherapy is considered by many as a healthy alternative to smoking and vaping.

So how this works is that a gadget is placed in a room which disperses this aroma by burning the essential oil present in the container of this gadget. This device is called an aromatherapy diffuser. This device essentially works like a vape, but it is not made for direct inhaling. An aromatherapy diffuser has a container in which the essential oils are stored. A heating coil, which is usually electric powered that slowly burns this oil, and the vapours are dispersed into the atmosphere. The essential component of an aromatherapy oil diffuser is the oil that is burned. There are different types of aromas in which these oils are present, ranging from lavender, winegrape, and lily. The user can select the appropriate fragrance according to its preferences. Apart from that, now these oils are present in many therapeutic forms too. One such example is the CBD infused oil, which gives the dose of CBD along with a nice fragrance to users.

How to use an Aromatherapy Inhaler

Well, as the demand and reach of Aromatherapy reached a wider audience, there was a need to make handheld products that would supply the user of the benefits of Aromatherapy on the go without having to sit in a room for hours. This how an Aromatherapy Inhaler was conceived. Well, as the name suggests, it is like a conventional inhaler with some key difference. The first was it is battery powered, which burns the oil. The user then inhales this aroma providing with benefits of Aromatherapy as well as CBD if this oil is CBD infused. An Aromatherapy Inhaler is similar to a vape however the core difference is that a vape is smoked by breathing in the vapours produced by the burning of the vape juice. However, in the case of aromatherapy inhaler, it is not directly smoked, but the aroma and scent it produces are inhaled like a conventional inhaler. It is proposed as a potential healthy alternative to vaping.

Where to get the Essential Oil vape or Aromatherapy Pen in the UK

Well, as there is an immense immersion in the case of CBD brands and products, an average consumer might get confused about where to buy from. In the case of vape and aromatherapy diffuser, the challenge becomes more intense as these are new and sensitive products, so the quality of them means a lot. If you are new to Aromatherapy or CBD and are confused about where to buy these products from well, allow us to introduce you treet vapours. Treet vapours are the most premium vaping store online in the UK. They sell everything ranging from CBD infused vape kits to best oil diffuser UK in the best price and quality. Visit for the best quality vapes and Aromatherapy diffuser.